History of polo

6th century BC

In Persia (today’s Iran) a game evolves in which riders on horses tried to get a ball into the other team’s goal. This game is so popular that Persian poets write about it in their works so that information about its fame can be saved for future generations.

The game subsequently spread from Persia to India and Japan. Here it became the entertainment of nobility.


British hussars learned the game of polo from the Indian aristocracy. They were in Manipur as colonisers and were protecting the interests of the British Empire there.


The first polo club is established in the Indian city of Silchar. The game was subsequently imported to Great Britain with the returning military officers.


Thanks to J. G. Bennettthe game of polo was brought to the USA, where it rapidly spread. New settlers also brought it from here to Argentina.


Polo first appeared in the Summer Olympic Games, where it was won by an international American/British team. Polo subsequently became part of the Summer Olympic Games until the year 1936.


Polo is played in dozens of countries the world over, with hundreds of clubs having been formed.

Argentina was the world champion for the first time in 1949. Other strong countries include the USA, England, China, India, Tibet, Manipur and Mongolia. In addition to the aforementioned England, polo is played in most European countries, including the Czech Republic.
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