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Polo is a collective equestrian sport. It teaches the players to work in a team, to think strategically and to maintain concentration. Polo is a mixture of 4 different sports:

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  1. Chess: the player has to read the situation on the playing field very quickly and choose the optimum game strategy.
  2. Horseback riding: here a considerable emphasis is placed on the coordination between the rider and the horse, while the control of the horse is harder because of holding the mallet andleaning in, e.g. for a swing.
  3. Cricket: a special mallet is used to control the ball, see “Rules of polo”.
  4. Rugby: during the course of a game the players come into physical contact, which has precisely definedrules.

But most of all it is wonderful entertainment that brings people together with nature, improving not only the coordination of their movements, but the entire connection between people and their horses.

Polo has been an aristocratic sport ever since the days it expanded to India (more in the section “History of polo”). Today it is not really about belonging to a noble family, but more about a noble approach to the game. The principle of fair play applies to polo, more than in other sports. It is also one of the few sports where a team is naturally mixed. The age and the sex of the players makes no difference.

The game is truly fair, as each player has a handicap assigned, ranging from -2 for an inexperienced player to +10 for very experienced players. Adding up the handicaps of the players in the team gives the team handicap. The difference between the handicaps of both of the teams then gives the initial score of the game. If an inexperienced team plays against professionals, the initial score of the game could even be 48:0. You can learn more in the “Rules of polo” section.

Several breeds of horses can be used for polo. There is one, though, which is specially crossbred. It is call a “polo pony”, though it is not registered as a separate breed. You can find out more in the “Horses for polo” section.

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