The vision and services of the NOE Polo Club

The NOE Polo Club facilities were built on a greenfield. During the two years of designing the project, the founder made use of the experiences of many polo clubs, farms and stables, not only in the Czech Republic, but all over the world. Thanks to these factors the facilities are truly on a world-class level.

The goal of the NOE Polo Club is to form a narrow group of enthusiastic polo players, for whom it will provide the best available facilities and conditions for playing and practicing polo.

Stabling horses

There are boxes for a maximum of 18 + 8 polo horses in the stables of NOE Farm, which the NOE Polo Club is a part of. No other horses are stabled. The stables are very well ventilated and outfitted with the finest facilities and equipment for horses.

The horses have an outdoor paddock available to them daily. During pleasant weather the horses are in a pasture with an area of 14 hectares which is seededwith a suitable pasture mixture. During inclement weather there is a winter paddock with a drained sand surface, thanks to which the horses are not muddy, so it is sufficient to just brush them before a ride and there are no puddles in the paddock, even after a heavy rain.

The horses can also use the nearby clay pond. That helps to avoid problems with hooves, especially their cracking from being overly dry, or to treat already-existing problems. The horses can only walk through the pond, or they can use the pasture stablesnear the pond.

The pastures, paddocks and stables are on the top of the DrahanHighlands. Thanks to the sufficient movement of the air, there are fewer insects here to bother the horses.

Indoor and outdoor riding schools

So that the training or games are not dependent on the whims of the weather, NOE Polo Club has, in addition to its own field, outdoor and indoor riding schools. The outdoor riding school has an area of 65 x 35 m, the indoor riding school 50 x 22 m.

Both of the riding schools have the most suitable surface that can be offered, specificallysilica sand combined with several types of geotextiles. These maintain the humidity of the sane so the horse does sink into the surface. The surfaces of both the riding schools are also irrigated and treated with a special machine every day after use.

Facilities for the owners of stabled horses

Thanks to the intentionally small number of stabled horses we have ensured high comfort for all of their owners, including free time in both of the riding schools.

The facilities for the riders are separate from the rest of the farm spaces, so the riders are not disturbed by other events or guests in the accommodations. In addition to its own toilets and showers, this space also offers a clubroom with direct access to the indoor riding school’s catwalk. There is one changing roomwith an area of 2.5 x 2 m for two boxes for horses.

There is also a nine-metre-long model of a sailboat for children and a sunny terrace in the farm’s courtyard.

The owners of stabled horses also have their own reserved parking lot.


NOE Farm also provides accommodations. Guests have 6 double rooms, 1 four-bed room and one three-bed apartment available to them. There is access to the riders’ changing rooms directly from the common spaces. There is a whirlpool in the apartment, the four-bed room and one of the double rooms.

The entire farm is built out of larch wood without the use of any varnish, stain, glue or other chemicals. Thus the environment is as healthy as possible.

The accommodations will be completed in the second half of 2014.

Social room

You can rent a large social room with a capacity of 50 or a smaller lounge for 12 people at NOE Farm for a birthday celebration or other event. In the large room there is a real, functioning oven available for baking bread or meat, etc. You can also use the professional kitchen.

These spaces will also be used for holding special events to which exceptional chefs will be invited. At the same time the guests will be able to participate in the processing, preparation and cooking of produce from the farm, such as yogurt, real homemade baked bread, etc., all through truly traditional and authentic techniques and from fresh, quality ingredients.


If you want a true Czech atmosphere you need beer. NOE Farm has its own brewery, designed and built with help from the best brewers. The beer ages in a cellar and is cooled by ice from our own ice house, so it comes to maturity in the most natural way. The beer is also tapped directly from the cellar in which it matures.

Small animals

Animals are part of any farm and small animals can also be seen at NOE Farm.You can find Aragon hens here, which lay green eggs with a low cholesterol content. There are also geese, ducks and sheep. Guests can take a tour to see the natural breeding and the original processing of ingredients.


School of polo

Polo is a fantastic game and wonderful entertainment. We offer professional consultation to anybody who is interested in learning to play polo. At the same time we are able to arrange for the teaching of equestrian polo, either here at our farm or elsewhere in the world, especially in the United Kingdom or in Argentina.

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